Install in an isolated environment with pipx:

# Latest PyPI release
pipx install nitpick

# Development branch from GitHub
pipx install git+https://github.com/andreoliwa/nitpick

On macOS/Linux, install the latest release with Homebrew:

brew install andreoliwa/formulae/nitpick

# Development branch from GitHub
brew install andreoliwa/formulae/nitpick --HEAD

On Arch Linux, install with yay:

yay -Syu nitpick

Add to your project with Poetry:

poetry add --dev nitpick

Or install it with pip:

pip install -U nitpick


To fix and modify your files directly:

nitpick fix

To check for errors only:

nitpick check

Nitpick is also a flake8 plugin, so you can run this on a project with at least one Python (.py) file:

flake8 .

Nitpick will download and use the opinionated default style file.

You can use it as a template to Configure your own style.

Run as a pre-commit hook

If you use pre-commit on your project, add this to the .pre-commit-config.yaml in your repository:

  - repo: https://github.com/andreoliwa/nitpick
    rev: v0.28.0
      - id: nitpick

To install the pre-commit and commit-msg Git hooks:

pre-commit install --install-hooks
pre-commit install -t commit-msg

To start checking all your code against the default rules:

pre-commit run --all-files

Modify files directly

Nitpick includes a CLI to apply your style and modify the configuration files directly:

nitpick fix

Read more details here: Command-line interface.