Install / Basic usage

To try the package, simply install it (in a virtualenv or globally) and run flake8 on a project with at least one Python (.py) file:

# Install with pip:
pip install -U nitpick

# Add to your project with Poetry:
poetry add --dev nitpick

# On macOS, install with Homebrew:
brew install andreoliwa/formulae/nitpick

# On archlinux, install with yay:
yay -Syu nitpick

# Run nitpick directly to modify your files
nitpick run

# Or run with flake8 to only check for errors
flake8 .

Nitpick will download and use the opinionated default style file.

You can use it as a template to Configure your own style.

Apply changes to files

Nitpick includes a CLI to apply your style on the configuration files:

nitpick run

Read more details here: Command-line interface.