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"""Cache functions and configuration for styles."""
from __future__ import annotations

import re
from datetime import timedelta

from loguru import logger
from requests_cache.cache_control import DO_NOT_CACHE, NEVER_EXPIRE

from nitpick.enums import CachingEnum

REGEX_CACHE_UNIT = re.compile(r"(?P<number>\d+)\s+(?P<unit>(minute|hour|day|week))", re.IGNORECASE)
    CachingEnum.NEVER: DO_NOT_CACHE,
    CachingEnum.EXPIRES: timedelta(hours=1),

[docs]def parse_cache_option(cache_option: str) -> tuple[CachingEnum, timedelta | int]: """Parse the cache option provided on pyproject.toml. If no cache if provided or is invalid, the default is *one hour*. """ clean_cache_option = cache_option.strip().upper() if cache_option else "" try: caching = CachingEnum[clean_cache_option]"Simple cache option: {}") except KeyError: caching = CachingEnum.EXPIRES expires_after = EXPIRES_DEFAULTS[caching] if caching is CachingEnum.EXPIRES and clean_cache_option: for match in REGEX_CACHE_UNIT.finditer(clean_cache_option): plural_unit ="unit").lower() + "s" number = int("number"))"Cache option with unit: {number} {plural_unit}") expires_after = timedelta(**{plural_unit: number}) break else: logger.warning(f"Invalid cache option: {clean_cache_option}. Defaulting to 1 hour") return caching, expires_after